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Understanding Bonds And Your Legal Rights

0 Comments October 24, 2019

The law is different all over the country.  However, there is a simple process that most states and counties will adhere to.  This is the issuing and serving of bonds.  A bond is a legal contract between you or your loved one who is in trouble and the court system.  The basic bond states that you will pay a set amount of money to get out of jail before your court case is heard.  If you are unable to pay a bond or need help with a bond contacting bail bonds Allentown PA will be your first step in the process.  From there they will be able to help you with your legal issues.

bail bonds Allentown PA

Different types of bonds

Appeal Bonds – An appeal bond is a bond that is issued when a defendant doesn’t want to pay on a judgment until their case is settled.  This type of bond is also known as a supersedeas bond.

Immigration Bonds – These bonds are for immigrants who come to our county.  Typically the price on these bonds is upwards to seven thousand dollars.  The two ways this bond can be paid is in full with cash or through the process of the friends and family of the defendant working with an immigrations bond agent.

Misdemeanor Bonds – A misdemeanor is a small crime or infraction.  These crimes can result in fines up to jail time depending on the level of the crime committed and the aftermath of that crime.  Most people who go to court typically are charged with a misdemeanor.

Felony Bonds – A felony is a high-level crime.  These can result in extended jail time of up to and beyond twelve months in jail.  If you are found guilty of a felony crime you may be limited in a lot of actions later in life such as jobs, housing and more.  The last thing you want is a felony.

Paying bonds

There are several ways that you can pay for a bond.  You can pay the amount in full in cash, put up property or assets that are valued in the same amount as the bail amount or you can buy a bail bond and pay a portion of the bail fee (plus collateral in some cases) to a bail bond seller.